08/01/2015 - 09/01/2015
The August-September 2015 issue of the Housing Law Bulletin features an article that summarizes and analyzes HUD's long-awaited final portability rule. The rule, which went into effect on September 21, 2015, aims to streamline the portability process for housing authorities while lessening the burden on families who participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program. The issue also includes summaries of recent housing cases, notices, and regulations.
06/01/2015 - 07/01/2015
The June-July issue of the Housing Law Bulletin features two articles concerning how HUD and USDA are addressing the issue of mortgage maturity. Mortgage maturity, which results in the loss of affordability restrictions on subsidized units, can result in increased rent burdens for tenants or even displacement. Each article describes a recent notice, issued by HUD and USDA respectively, regarding maturing mortgages. The Bulletin also includes summaries of recent cases, notices, and regulations.
Low-income women are at particularly high risk for sexual harassment by housing providers because they often have limited housing choices and face difficulties leaving unsafe housing situations. Tenants who participate in subsidized housing programs may also fear losing crucial housing assistance if they refuse to endure a landlord’s harassing behavior. The April-May issue of the Housing Law Bulletin describes the legal framework of sexual harassment claims brought under the Fair Housing Act, analyzes recent DOJ complaints that settled out of court, and summarizes two recent cases resulting in HUD fair housing discrimination charges.
The March issue of the Housing Law Bulletin summarizes several key developments in energy policy as it relates to affordable housing, including the White House's Fiscal Year 2016 Multifamily Energy Conservation Demonstration Proposal, Pay for Success energy improvements legislation, and California's Public Utilities Commission's approval of the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Benefit. The Bulletin also updates advocates on recent HUD notices clarifying and implementing the Equal Access Housing in HUD Programs, Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity rule. Finally, the Bulletin describes the finalized $3.3 million settlement in the Galindo litigation, where the Housing Authority of LA wrongfully charged public housing tenants trash collection fees for years.
The February issue of the Housing Law Bulletin explains the White Houses's proposed budget for HUD and Rural Housing Service (RHS) programs in fiscal year 2016, using the National Low Income Housing Coalition's Memos to Members. The Bulletin also provides guidance to advocates representing tenants who failed to timely recertify income or family composition because of extenuating circumstances. Finally, this issue provides a national survey of state and local protections for tenants in foreclosure -- critical protections for advocates to consider now that the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act has expired.
The January issue of the Housing Law Bulletin explains the HUD and Rural Housing Service (RHS) appropriations for fiscal year 2015, using the National Low Income Housing Coalition's Memo to Members and accompanying budget chart. It also provides guidance to advocates representing borrowers who experience disabilities in requesting reasonable accommodations from the mortgage servicers. Finally, the Bulletin warns advocates of the impending mortgage maturity crisis in rural housing, and provides an example of effective advocacy involving an Oregon property.
The November/December issue of the Housing Law Bulletin examines HUD's proposed Demolition-Disposition Rule, informing advocates of its essential points and analyzing its strengths and potential weaknesses. The Bulletin also includes updates on ongoing disparate impact litigation and the threat that theory faces in the U.S. Supreme Court. We also provide a survey of state landlord-tenant legislation enacted or effective in 2014, and in-depth descriptions of a HUD memo clarifying Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan requirements for owners, and a HUD Notice on detecting over-subsidization in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.
The October issue of the Housing Law Bulletin delves into the proposed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Assessment Tool, advising advocates of its specific provisions and potential shortcomings. The Bulletin also includes updates on important cases including a significant garbage collection suit against HACLA, a suit challenging a local nuisance ordinance that discriminated against domestic violence survivors, and the ongoing reverse mortgage litigation against HUD. A Questions Corner segment explains a new HUD Notice that grants tenant organizations in HUD Multi-Family Housing a new appeal procedure.
The September issue of the Housing Law Bulletin provides an overview of a recent Unnumbered Letter (UL) issued by the Rural Housing Service (RHS); this UL will have the impact of slowing affordable rental housing preservation efforts. Additionally, the issue summarizes the National Fair Housing Alliance's annual report on fair housing trends. The Bulletin also includes an article about defending RHS evictions, discussing relevant procedural and substantive protections for tenants. This issue also features a Q&A about a recent PIH notice to housing authorities concerning the Equal Access Rule, which prohibits discrimination in HUD programs on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. Finally, the issue provides summaries of recent cases, regulations, and...
The August issue of the Housing Law Bulletin provides an overview of recent legal developments concerning the issue of surviving spouses of reverse mortgage borrowers. Additionally, the Bulletin discusses how NHLP helped preserve a Rural Housing Service development in Paso Robles, California. Furthermore, this issue discusses recent settlements: the first between HUD and a domestic violence survivor who was denied housing because of the abuse committed against her, and the second between the Department of Justice and a California housing provider that banned children from playing in the common grassy areas of the property. The issue also includes brief updates on implementation surrounding the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013. Finally, the issue features summaries of...