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April 17, 2015: UC Hastings magazine talks with NHLP Executive Director Marcia Rosen in "New Visions for Solving the Bay Area's Housing Crunch."

Public interest lawyers have had a beneficial impact on protecting tenants and improving housing conditions for the city's vulnerable communities. UC Hastings magazine talks with NHLP Executive Director Marcia Rosen in "New Visions for Solving the Bay Area's Housing Crunch." (p.30)

April 1, 2015: HUD Issues Proposed VAWA 2013 Rule

On April 1, 2015, HUD published its proposed Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA 2013) rule in the Federal Register. VAWA 2013 features expanded protections in federally subsidized housing programs, including HUD housing programs, to ensure that survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking can access safe, affordable housing. The proposed rule amends a series of HUD regulations that govern the HUD programs covered by VAWA 2013.

March 31, 2015: March Bulletin Updates Advocates on Recent Energy Developments, HUD Notices Clarifying and Implementing the Equal Access Rule, and a Finalized Public Housing Garbage Collection Settlement in LA

The March issue of the Housing Law Bulletin summarizes several key developments in energy policy as it relates to affordable housing, including the White House's Fiscal Year 2016 Multifamily Energy Conservation Demonstration Proposal, Pay for Success energy improvements legislation, and California's Public Utilities Commission's approval of the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Benefit. The Bulletin also updates advocates on recent HUD notices clarifying and implementing the Equal Access Housing in HUD Programs, Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity rule. Finally, the Bulletin describes the finalized $3.3 million settlement in the Galindo litigation, where the Housing Authority of LA wrongfully charged public housing tenants trash collection fees for years.

March 24, 2015: CA Assembly Judiciary Commitee unanimously passed Safe Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors Bill, AB 418

For those who have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse, the ability to flee a dangerous situation could mean life or death. Today the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed AB 418, co-sponsored by NHLP, that will allow survivors of domestic violence to terminate a lease in order to move to safer housing and decrease the survivor’s remaining rent obligation to 14 days from the current 30.

March 17, 2015: California Legal Advocacy Organizations Submitted Comments on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Proposed Mortgage Servicing Rules

NHLP, Housing & Economic Rights Advocates, California Reinvestment Coalition, Public Counsel, and 10 other California legal advocacy organizations submitted comments on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed mortgage servicing rules. Our comments and suggestions focus on the continuing "widows and orphans" issue, servicing transfers, and other proposed changes and additions that will affect homeowners and successors-in-interest who inherit or take title to property through divorce. The CFPB will likely finalize the rules later this year.

February 27, 2015: February Bulletin Outlines the Obama Administration's Proposed FY 2016 Budget for HUD and Rural Housing Service programs, Provides an In-Depth Review of Tenant Recertification in Extenuating Circumstances, and more...

The February issue of the Housing Law Bulletin explains the White Houses's proposed budget for HUD and Rural Housing Service (RHS) programs in fiscal year 2016, using the National Low Income Housing Coalition's Memos to Members. The Bulletin also provides guidance to advocates representing tenants who failed to timely recertify income or family composition because of extenuating circumstances. Finally, this issue provides a national survey of state and local protections for tenants in foreclosure -- critical protections for advocates to consider now that the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act has expired.

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