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Recent News

May 2, 2016: Rural Housing Preservation Act of 2016 Introduced

Rep. Kuster (D-NH), recently introduced legislation entitled the Rural Housing
Preservation Act of 2016.

April 13, 2016: NHLP and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities issue report on benefits of housing authority consolidation

NHLP's Deborah Thrope is a co-author of this new report from our colleagues at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - "Consolidating Rental Assistance Administration Would Increase Efficiency and Expand Opportunity."

April 8, 2016: Guide to Utility Allowances Now Available

NHLP and California Housing Partnership have jointly published a guide to assist owners and advocates of affordable housing in understanding the implications of recent changes to federal program utility allowance requirements, and to provide tips for assessing whether utility allowance adjustments can be used as a resource to finance or pay back the costs of energy efficiency and renewable improvement projects.

March 23, 2016: New York City Media Covers NHLP's RAD Collaboration With Local Advocates

NHLP is quoted in this important article about the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program, nationwide and in New York City. "The RAD program has the potential to address the chronic underfunding that has plagued public housing units nationwide for decades," writes Jessica Cassella, a fellow at the National Housing Law Project. "In order to meet this lofty goal, however, it is essential that public-housing authorities and housing developers collaborate in a meaningful way before and after RAD conversions with tenants and advocates to address the community's most pressing housing needs and secure long-term enforceable tenant rights." NHLP is pleased to be working with local housing advocates in New York City and around the country to ensure enforceable tenant protections under the RAD program.

March 16, 2016: New IRS Utility Allowance Rule Impacts Sub-Metering and Use of Energy Consumption Model

The IRS has released the final sub-metering rule for utility allowances in Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties. Sub-metering and utility allowances for sub-metered utility was initially approved under Notice 2009-44. IRS issued a proposed rule to codify actual-consumption sub-metering into the Code of Federal Regulations in 2012. This is the final rule as a result of that rulemaking process.

March 3, 2016: LA Times Covers NHLP Win in California Supreme Court

NHLP is quoted on this important win for homeowners challenging wrongful foreclosures. "California now joins other states where such challenges are allowed, including Ohio, Massachusetts and Texas," said Kent Qian, an attorney with the National Housing Law Project, who coauthored a brief supporting Yvanova's case.

March 2, 2016: NHLP RAD Advocacy Guide

NHLP recently created and released an advocacy guide focused exclusively on the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD). This advocacy guide, entitled "An Advocate's Guide to Public Housing Conversions Under Component 1 of the Rental Assistance Demonstration," is designed to provide legal services attorneys and tenant advocates with information, guidance, model policies, and lessons learned from RAD conversions nationwide. Specifically, this advocacy guide provides an overview of the RAD program, including the various stages of a RAD conversion, and discusses ways for advocates to ensure the long-term affordability and enforceable rights of tenants in RAD properties at each stage of RAD conversion. For more information on the RAD program, please visit our RAD webpage here.

February 19, 2016: NHLP amicus victory in Yvanova v. New Century

On February 18, 2016, the California Supreme Court held that a borrower may challenge a foreclosure based on a void assignment of the note or deed of trust, even if she is not a party to the assignment. This is a decision of first impression in California.

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