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October 9, 2015: Update on Rural Development Rental Assistance Funding for Fiscal Year 2016

Following up on our news post of Sept. 4, Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) on September 30, providing funding to the federal government until December 11, 2015. The CR contains language granting Rural Development (RD) the right to waive the provision in the 2015 appropriations act that prohibits the renewal of Rental Assistance contracts during the 12 months term of such contracts. The CR also gives RD authority to spend a larger amount of money for Rental Assistance (RA) contracts during the term of the CR than a proportional amount of last year's funding. The agency should therefore be able to fund RA contracts that expired in August and September, as well as those that will need renewal between now and Dec. 11. RD has informed NHLP that they are working with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to get authority to spend the CR funding as soon as possible.

October 9, 2015: New California Energy Bills Aim to Include Low-Income Communities

This week Governor Jerry Brown signed several landmark bills to further California’s aggressive climate goals. These bills are notable for their inclusion of low-income communities and their potential to improve the quality of life of multifamily affordable housing tenants. NHLP is working to help ensure that the benefits promised by these bills reach low-income tenants.

October 2, 2015: Register Now for Upcoming NHLP Webinars!

Mark your calendars for two upcoming NHLP webinars on the housing rights of domestic violence survivors who are limited English proficient and the housing rights of survivors with disabilities.

October 1, 2015: Our own Senior Attorney Jim Grow is quoted in this Chicago Defender story: "HUD orders Chicago housing complex to correct security problems"

Housing advocates said this set up keeps HUD too far removed from problems facing tenants in properties like Concordia Place, even though HUD pays its owner $3.2 million each year in rent subsidies.

“HUD would say, take those problems to the contract administrator,” said James Grow, Deputy Director of the San Francisco-based National Housing Law Project. “But tenants don’t always know who the contract administrator is. So, in some ways, it’s disingenuous for HUD to say this without a much more robust information campaign [for residents].”

September 30, 2015: August-September Housing Law Bulletin Explains the Recent HUD Portability Rule

The August-September 2015 issue of the Housing Law Bulletin features an article that summarizes and analyzes HUD's long-awaited final portability rule. The rule, which went into effect on September 21, 2015, aims to streamline the portability process for housing authorities while lessening the burden on families who participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program. The issue also includes summaries of recent housing cases, notices, and regulations.

September 24, 2015: Seattle Rent Control Resolution

In a move that could have significant implications for the duty to affirmative further fair housing, the City of Seattle has declared a Washington anti-rent control statute, RCW 35.21.830, to be an impediment to fair housing in the city, and urging the state to repeal or modify the statute. The statute is a broad and total preemption on municipal rent regulations and declares that “[n]o city or town of any class may enact, maintain, or enforce ordinances or other provisions which regulate the amount of rent to be charged for single-family or multiple-unit residential rental structures or sites…”

September 4, 2015: Advocate Alert: Rural Development Rental Housing Residents Facing Illegal Rent Increases!

Large numbers of very low-income residents of Rural Development (RD) rental (Section 515) and farm labor (Section 514) housing who receive Rental Assistance (RA) subsidies have gotten, or are about to get, 30-day notices of rent increases from their landlords.

August 5, 2015: NHLP's New Domestic Violence Webpage

NHLP's updated domestic violence and housing webpage includes VAWA 2013 implementation materials; an updated list of VAWA cases, and new resource packets.

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