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June 16, 2015: Developers can be required to include affordable housing, California high court rules

Citing an affordable housing crisis of “epic proportions,” the California Supreme Court made it easier Monday for cities and counties to require developers to sell some housing at below-market rates.

June 10, 2015: Ranking Minority member David Price denounced the Majority’s profoundly misguided and flawed budget policy

In a statement on the House's June 9 passage of HR2577, Ranking Minority member David Price denounced the "Majority’s profoundly misguided and flawed budget policy, a policy that has left this bill a mere shadow of what it should be and that has decimated the investments a great country should be making.... Make no mistake: our public housing resources don’t meet the basic needs of millions of vulnerable and low-income Americans."

June 8, 2015: US Catholic Bishops slam Congress for "shameful" and "callous" cuts to housing programs

With a housing crisis facing the country, what do you suppose our Congress has done? Unbelievably, the plan in the House of Representatives is to slash and gut programs for people without homes and in need of other forms of assistance. In its current form, the proposed appropriation legislation would completely eliminate funding for the National Housing Trust Fund—a fund founded to support the construction of essential housing for those at risk for homelessness. The legislation would also cut $900 million in 2015 and $767 million in 2016 from housing grants to state and local governments. It’s hard to imagine something more shameful or more callous.

May 26, 2015: NHLP Conducts VAWA Webinar to Hundreds

On May 21, 2015, over 470 participants attended NHLP's webinar on HUD's proposed rule implementing the housing provisions of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013. Attendees included victim service providers, legal services attorneys, staff of public housing authorities as well as federal, state, and local government agencies.

May 21, 2015: NHLP Amicus Success in Ninth Circuit (Kuns v Ocwen)

California’s anti-deficiency statute prohibits a creditor from collecting a deficiency following a foreclosure in a number of situations, but the district court held that the servicer may still report the deficiency on the consumer’s credit report.

May 19, 2015: NHLP's, James Grow selected as a recipient of a Legal Aid Association of California 2015 Award of Merit! Congratulations!

LAAC's Awards of Merit are the legal services community's opportunity to recognize the importance of legal services and to honor a few of the many who have made contributions to the field during the last year. LAAC has received an amazing collection of nominations this year and Jim was selected from many very impressive nominees. LAAC is thrilled to recognize Jim as one of 2015's winners in the attorney category. The Awards will be presented at this year's Pathways to Justice Conference in Los Angeles. The Conference is June 10th and 11th and the Awards ceremony and reception will take place on the afternoon of the 10th at 4pm.

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